What to wear to your boudoir photoshoot? That’s the first thing many women ask themselves when they decide to book a session. After that, it’s, “Where should I shop?”

Or maybe you’re even saying to yourself, “I haven’t bought any new lingerie in over a decade!” 

Don’t worry! One of the great things about booking a shoot with our studio is that we make this part easy and fun for you. In fact, deciding what to wear for your boudoir photoshoot can be a LOT of fun.

Your photoshoot is less about what you are wearing and more about YOU.  We can make just about any wardrobe item look great on camera. Promise!


Boudoir Photoshoot Wardrobe Tips

  1. Anything with a little texture will photograph well, including lace, mesh, beading, or metal studs.
  2. Jewel tones such as purple, navy, red, turquoise, and crimson look good on almost everyone.
  3. Lingerie is perfect for boudoir photoshoots, partly because there are so many choices! From racy to refined, and including corsets, garters, robes, and bra and panty sets, you will have no trouble finding the perfect ensemble for your photoshoot.
  4. Lingerie is not the only choice for your boudoir photoshoot. Consider a leather jacket, slouchy sweater, or your partner’s oversized sports jersey, for example.
  5. Don’t forget about shoes! Two words: high heels.
  6. Finding the perfect outfit does not mean blowing your budget shopping. Chances are, there are some awesome choices in your closet already! One option is to buy a couple of new things and mix and match them with items you already have.

We’re Here to Help!

Want to chat about what to wear to your boudoir photoshoot? We are here to help! Daysy offers free, no-obligation phone consultations where you can discuss all the amazing options for your boudoir photoshoot experience. Contact us today!

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