What Is Your Why? | Boudoir + Glamour by Daysy

Hello, gorgeous! Today I want to discuss why women come to the studio for a boudoir photoshoot. Most ladies who book a boudoir photoshoot with Daysy are signing up for an experience they have never had and might not know much about!


What is Your Why?| Boudoir by Daysy

Different Women, Different Reasons

The reasons are as individual and varied as the women themselves. Here are some reasons offered by our bombshells:

Angela wanted to book a photoshoot to boost her confidence and self-esteem. She also wanted the chance to show off her motorcycle. Angela loved her photoshoot so much, she’s booked a second shoot for 2024. Angela, you rock, and so does your bike!

Vicky, along with Glauce, chose a boudoir photoshoot to celebrate a milestone birthday. This fabulous birthday gift just keeps on giving, because after the photoshoot our gorgeous and glamorous bombshells can hit the hotspots and party! Meanwhile, Kristina booked a boudoir photoshoot to celebrate her toddler’s birthday! Happy birthday, ladies!

Cherin wanted to see herself as the gorgeous woman her husband sees. A boudoir photoshoot was the very thing she needed to do just that! Ladies, when someone you love tells you how beautiful you are, believe it! Kim’s husband loves and supports her “1,000 percent” in discovering her own beauty.

Theresa booked a photoshoot to celebrate 10 years as a breast cancer survivor. And what a celebration!

What is YOUR Why?

Why have a boudoir photoshoot with Daysy? Maybe I can help you answer this question, with some more questions!

  • Have you ever seen a photo of a beautiful woman wearing some gorgeous lingerie and wished you could look like that?
  • Do you take care of everyone in your family–spouse, kids, in-laws, pets, plants–yet don’t take much time for yourself?
  • Are you working hard to meet your weight loss and fitness goals, but need a shot of motivation?
  • Are you looking for the perfect gift to give a special someone?
  • Are you pregnant and loving the changes to your body? Would you like to have professional photos taken of this very special time in your life?
  • Are you looking for ways to break out of your comfort zone?
  • Do you ever celebrate your own birthday?

Did you answer YES to any (or all) of these questions? If so, please contact us right away. Girl, you are in serious need of a boudoir photoshoot!

Ready to Book?

Even if you aren’t totally certain of your why, but you find yourself thinking about booking your own photoshoot… maybe your eyes are drawn to the Victoria’s Secret displays, or you linger over a pretty silk robe at the mall. Maybe your why is coming to the surface. Don’t hesitate, give us a buzz. Together, we can honor your why and give you an experience you will never forget!

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