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Hello, Beautiful! Have you ever wondered what goes on at the boudoir Bombshell Lounge on Facebook? Let’s take a look!

What Goes on at the Bombshell Lounge?

What is the Bombshell Lounge?

The Bombshell Lounge is a VIP group on Facebook where our beautiful bombshells hang out! We share all sorts of stories and pictures of our journeys as strong and vital women. It’s the perfect place for:

  • Getting support and advice;
  • Making new friends;
  • Seeing other women experience a boudoir photoshoot;
  • Finding inspiration for your own photoshoot;
  • Learning about one another; and
  • Winning fabulous prizes (boudoir photoshoot giveaway, anyone?).

Yes, we all like going to Facebook and other social media outlets for quizzes, memes, and pictures and videos of cute kittens and baby pygmy goats in pajamas. However, social media can be a cold and scary place as well. Sometimes the Internet can be a place where we tear ourselves down instead of building each other up. It’s great to know that there is one Facebook group out there that is full of kind, supportive, and amazing women cheering each other on.

The friendship and support we share at the Bombshell Lounge isn’t limited to social media! Our bombshells hang out in person too, at our annual Bombshell Hangout party! We like to hang out in the summer, when we can swim and soak up some sunshine and enjoy each other’s friendship.

Bombshell Hangout!

 Sending the Right Message

Look, there are a lot of messages out there about our worth and our place in the world.  Messages that come at us constantly from all directions – the media, from celebrities, and from our friends and family. Some of the messages that we receive fill our hearts and remind us of our infinite worth and our unlimited potential. Other messages deflate us and tell us that we can never measure up and that we will never be enough.

In the VIP Bombshell Lounge, the messages you will be sent are these:

  • You matter, and there is nothing that you can ever do or not do that will make you less valuable as a human being.
  • You are beautiful and unique.
  • You are strong and brave.
  • You are powerful and amazing, and most important: You are worth it.

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