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Hello, Bombshell! We’ve talked a lot about what a boudoir photoshoot is — a truly amazingly empowering experience designed to show you how truly gorgeous you are inside and out. Today, however, I’m going to talk about what a boudoir photoshoot isn’t.

What a Boudoir Photoshoot Isn't

Boudoir is NOT About Body Shaming

Have you ever heard about the diet motivation “tip” of posting an unflattering picture of yourself as a way to stay motivated to lose weight? No way do we promote body shaming for any reason! In fact, a boudoir photoshoot is meant to be exactly the opposite. It’s meant to be a celebration of the gorgeous woman you are, right this minute. Please do not plan a boudoir photoshoot as a punishment for not being flawless or as a negative motivator to lose weight. There is no room for self-hatred in the boudoir studio.

Boudoir is NOT Pornography

Pornography is defined as sexually explicit videos, photographs, or writings that are produced solely for sexual arousal. Boudoir photography, on the other hand, celebrates a woman’s authentic self; her strength, beauty, and spirit are all captured and celebrated. Boudoir photography celebrates every aspect of a woman, from her beautiful body to her shining soul. That being said, some women schedule boudoir photoshoots as a gift for their spouses or romantic partners. Is this pornography? I don’t really think so, but discuss.

Boudoir is NOT for Children

Yes, photos of naked newborns on bearskin rugs are adorable, but this is not really boudoir photography. A boudoir photoshoot is an intimate experience meant to celebrate a woman’s beauty. Photographing children in an intimate setting like this is not what boudoir is all about. If you are the parent of a child who wants a boudoir photoshoot, it’s a smarter idea to go for a glamour photoshoot instead, with pretty ball gowns and not bra and panty sets.

Is a Boudoir Photoshoot for You?

Now that you know what a boudoir photoshoot isn’t, is it the right thing for you? Are you a woman who is ready to see her amazing beauty? Are you ready to be pampered, posed, and photographed by a professional photographer specializing in boudoir photography? Are you ready to blow away your spouse or partner with the perfect gift? Are you ready to step into your power? This is what a boudoir photoshoot is!

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