Hello, Beautiful! Let’s talk about wardrobe tips for the ladies who are members of the IBTC–the Itty Bitty Titty Committee! These gorgeous women might be wondering what they should wear to make the most of their boudoir photoshoot. Have no fear, we are here to help.

Here at the boudoir photo studio, our mission is to celebrate all bodies.  All sizes, all shapes.  We have photographed women from all walks of life.  We love and embrace women in all of their ranges of unique beauty.

Bear in mind that no matter what you wear for your photoshoot, you are going to look fabulous.  A boudoir photoshoot is always way more about YOU than it is about what you are wearing. We really can make any wardrobe item look great on camera by using posing and lighting.

But of course, some great lingerie or wardrobe pieces always help. Putting on something fabulous will help you to feel sexy. And that sexy confidence will shine through in your photos.

What to Wear

Here are some of our favorite wardrobe picks for members of the IBTC:

1. Bra & panty sets. A push-up bra that fits you right will always look fabulous. Look for a wire push-up bra that gives your girls a comfortable lift without digging into your skin.

bra and panty sets work well for the IBTC

2. Anything with a deep plunge. Deep V-neck tops and bodysuits are one of the best things you can wear and will draw the eye to all the right places.  For extra sexiness, choose a piece that plunges all the way to below the belly button. Ooh-la-la!

3. Bodysuits. Look for bodysuits with built-in cups and some texture (such as lace, mesh, beads or sparkle). Personally, we think bodysuits look terrific on just about anyone!

What to Wear if You're a member of the IBTC

4. Sheer bras, tops, and robes. If you don’t need a lot of breast support, bare it all with something sheer! It’s the ultimate in stylish sensuality.

Ready to Book?

Have you been thinking about a boudoir photoshoot but you aren’t sure what to wear or even where to start? Have you looked at the gallery of bombshells on our website and dreamed about seeing yourself there? Well, stop dreaming and reach out today to start planning your very own photoshoot. You will never ever regret it, we promise!

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