It all started eight years ago, when professional photographer Daysy started thinking beyond weddings and family events. She had always been a passionate advocate for raising women’s self confidence and esteem. As a photographer, Daysy had witnessed too many women who were unhappy with the way they looked and felt about themselves. She wanted to do something to help them love themselves, but what? Daysy tried all sorts of different types photography, including glamour shots and boudoir. Daysy wanted to practice more boudoir photography, but where could she find a woman willing to be her guinea pig?

The answer was Kelly, who was a friend of a friend and willing to do all the poses and sessions Daysy needed to hone her craft. During this intense experience, Daysy fell in love with Boudoir photography, and she and Kelly became close friends. Years later, when Kelly struggled with feelings of anxiety and low self-confidence, she turned to her friend Daysy for another boudoir photo shoot. Once again, Kelly fell in love with the photos and was able to see for herself how truly gorgeous she is.

Daysy was excited to offer her services to other women, so she started the VIP Bombshell Lounge on Facebook. Today, the lounge boasts close to 1,000 members, many of whom are “Boudoir Bombshells.”

Who are the Bombshells?

They are all ages and sizes. They are celebrating birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, divorces, and grandchildren or any milestone that are part of life. Some are simply curious. Some bombshells arrive for their photo shoots confident in their beauty, while others are nervous and unsure. Some women come to boudoir photography because they no longer feel pretty or glamorous or desirable. They’ve been taking care of the house and raising children and working full-time jobs. They can’t remember the last time they wore lipstick.

The experience of a boudoir photo shoot changes them. They are pampered and posed; they are in a place of love and respect. Posing for shots is hard work, but it feels wonderful. And then the day comes when their pictures are ready and they see themselves for the first time.

That is when they realize that they are indeed beautiful, strong, gorgeous women. They are bombshells.


Time to Meet!

Daysy’s passion remains helping women see their own beauty. The boudoir photo shoots are a great way to accomplish this. But what happens after the shoot is over? How to keep the positive feelings strong? There is “strength in numbers,” after all. What better way than to host a get-together for the bombshells? A place where they can meet and connect with one another, where they can share their stories and support each other’s progress. Although COVID has rendered such a get-together impossible in the past, it’s finally safe enough to get together. So, in a few short weeks, Daysy’s plan to get the bombshells together is going to become a reality!

Picture from 2021 Bombshell's Hangout

Picture from 2021 Bombshell’s Hangout

Our Annual Bombshell’s Hangout Out 2022 is here, and it’s a POOL PARTY 👙
Save the date: Sunday, June 26th, 2022 starting at 3pm at our Residential Studio in Frederick, MD. Please message us to learn the details of our 2022 meetup!