The New Studio: Fab or Flop? | Boudoir by Daysy

Hello, lovely! Well, it has been some three months since our major studio renovation was finished. Since our ribbon-cutting ceremony, we've had over two dozen bombshells come to have their photoshoots in our new studio. So, have they enjoyed their experience? In addition, what does our photographer Daysy think of the new space? Is it fabulous... or is it a flop? Let's talk to our photographer and her bombshells and find out! The studio's new bedroom Size Matters! For boudoir photographer Daysy, size definitely matters, and she wanted to make sure that her renovated studio would provide much more usable space. Anyone who visited the studio pre-renovation will know that Daysy had to be  very imaginative in creating the image of a spacious studio with lots of different sets. Each photoshoot was an amazingly gorgeous experience, even though the space outside camera range was pretty small! Daysy's favorite part of the renovation? Not surprisingly, it's all that extra space! The new studio has a beautiful new bedroom, complete with a gorgeous full bathroom. In fact, the luxurious new shower is a favorite set of many of our bombshells now. Speaking of our bombshells, how is the renovated studio [...]

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Meet Your Inner Bombshell | Boudoir by Daysy

Hello, gorgeous! Today, let's chat about bombshells. Have you ever seen a bombshell? Those beautiful women who just seem to radiate confidence and strength? Who light up every room they walk into? I bet you have. Did you know that there's a lovely and empowered woman -- a bombshell -- close to you right this minute? Chances are, you've never seen this particular bombshell, but you can change that. She is Closer Than You Think In fact, she is inside YOU. Right this minute. Maybe you haven't noticed her in a long time. Maybe you've never met her before! But she is there, absolutely. Why is it so important to discover that gorgeous woman inside? First off, that bombshell has lots of self-confidence. She knows her worth and she knows that her value isn't lessened by other people or circumstances. That inner bombshell sees her beauty, both inside as well as outside. Whether she is all glammed up in her finest gown with her hair and makeup perfect, or lounging in the backyard in shorts and a t-shirt, the bombshell knows she is a beautiful woman. Finally, the inner bombshell empowers other women, because she herself is so empowered. She [...]

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Join the Club! | Boudoir + Glamour by Daysy

Hello, Beautiful! Today I want to tell you about a special "club" that would love to have you as a member. There are lots of benefits to being a member of this club, trust me. What is this amazing club I am talking about? It's the Boudoir + Glamour Bombshells, of course! These bombshells have bonded over their shared experience and they love to hang out together! Even though they come from all walks of life, from all races, and are all different ages and sizes, these women have one very important thing in common--they love themselves and their bodies. These amazing women have all come to realize that they are so much more than a body. They have all made GIANT leaps out of their comfort zones to become boudoir bombshells. They have seen their true inner and outer beauty and they will never go back to treating themselves like they have little worth. They know better. What Goes on At A Bombshell Hangout? Every year, the bombshells put on their bikinis and sunscreen and get together for a day of sunshine, swimming, dancing, laughing, eating, and sharing stories. The love and support the bombshells have for each other [...]

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