When Only the Best Will Do | Boudoir + Glamour by Daysy

Hello, Beautiful! Today I want to chat about what to look for when choosing a stylist, or buying a car, or shopping for jewelry... or any other purchase. What do we want for our money? We want the BEST. Choosing a boudoir photography studio is no exception. Only the best will do. Ask the Experts! Here at Boudoir + Glamour by Daysy, most (but not all) of the women who come to see us have never had a boudoir photoshoot before; and some ladies have no idea what to expect when they arrive and sit down in the makeup chair. So, how do you know if you are picking the best boudoir photographer in your area? Simple! You ask the experts. These are the women who have done their "homework," who have visited studio websites, read articles, attended expos, or have looked at customer reviews. There is an even easier way, however. You can pick up your local newspaper or community magazine and check out roundups of the very best goods and services in your area. In Frederick, Maryland, the easiest and best way to find these best-quality businesses is to pick up the Frederick News-Post and take a look [...]