Sweater Season at the Studio | Boudoir by Daysy

Hello, goddess! Another summer is winding down–where does the time go?? Soon autumn will be here, with falling leaves, warm apple cider, pumpkin spice everything… and sweaters! Now, I know what you’re thinking. Sweaters for a boudoir photoshoot? Really? Can something so soft and comfy really make me look sexy?

Girl. Yes! Don’t believe me? Take a peek.

Sweater Weather at the Studio | Boudoir by Daysy

Sweaters are actually a wonderful thing to bring to the studio for your boudoir photoshoot. First, they are so comfortable and we feel so good wearing them. If you’re a little nervous about being photographed in your lingerie, adding a sweater can make you feel less anxious.

Another advantage to adding a sweater is the variety of ways you can wear them. Sweaters that show a little extra skin are incredibly alluring! Think off the shoulder, plunging necklines, or backless options.

sweater weather at the boudoir studio

Sweaters can also work great as a way to show off other accessories, like jewelry or maybe a killer pair of boots!

sweater weather at the boudoir studio | Boudoir by Daysy

What are the Best Sweaters for Boudoir?

Just about any sweater can work for boudoir! They can be glamorous and sophisticated or flirty and romantic. Generally, sweaters that can be pulled off one shoulder and do not have tight necklines are the best choices for boudoir but they definitely don’t have to be. Pairing mid-hip sweaters with panties of a contrasting color can really pop, and sweaters without any bottoms are super sexy, as are sweaters paired with lace stockings or thigh highs. With this combo, even a bulky turtleneck can look super sensual. Hello, bombshell Kelly!

Sexy Sweater at the Boudoir Studio

Another great choice for a boudoir sweater is a flirty and feminine cardigan. By wearing it open, you can show off your smoking hot lingerie! Check out our fabulous bombshell Melissa, who did exactly that!

Meet Boudoir Bombshelll Melissa!

What Do You Think?

So, what do you think of the idea of wearing a sweater to your boudoir photoshoot? We can’t wait to chat about all the pros and cons of sweaters and all sorts of other boudoir wardrobe topics! We are only a few clicks away!

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