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Hello, Beautiful! Today, let’s talk about how to pose for your boudoir photoshoot. Lots of ladies like to feel very prepared for their photoshoot and like to know ahead of time what the best poses are for their body type and if they should learn and practice these poses before the photoshoot.

Girl, no.

How to Pose for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

No Experience Needed

You do NOT have to know how to pose. At all. You do not need to know what you are doing. You don’t need to practice sultry looks in front of the mirror. You definitely do not need any posing or modeling experience. You do not even need to be photogenic. Forget all that!

Leave all this to Daysy! Daysy’s artistic talent and years of experience will ensure that you will get to see dozens and dozens of fabulous photos of yourself, right after the shoot. She will show you exactly what to do and how to pose. Daysy will tell you what to do with your hands and your feet, and how exactly to stand and sit.  She will even instruct you on your facial expressions!

This combination of your innate beauty and Daysy’s coaching creates something magical. Together, you will make something special. That is a promise.

Posing Guide for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Can We Talk?

Most of our bombshells tell us how much more comfortable they felt after we actually got a chance to talk! Please feel free to call or text us anytime with any questions! We cannot wait to hear from you!

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