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Hello, Beautiful! Today I want to introduce you to your boudoir photographer, Daysy!

Meet Your Boudoir Photographer Daysy!

Daysy has been a professional photographer since 2015. Between family responsibilities and running a successful studio, Daysy knows what it’s like to be last on your own priority list. She knows what it’s like to look into the mirror and you see what has faded and been lost, instead of seeing the stunning, playful, and sexy woman who is still inside, but who has been neglected or put on the back burner for too long.

Why Become a Boudoir Photographer?

Daysy didn’t begin her career as a photographer shooting boudoir photoshoots. For a long time, Daysy was a wedding photographer and videographer. However, she eventually discovered that it was boudoir photography that was especially meaningful for her. Daysy realized that boudoir photography touched something very meaningful in her soul.

Here’s what Daysy has to say about why she became a boudoir photographer:

I’m a boudoir photographer because of what I believe most deeply in my heart. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but I’m a boudoir photographer because of how I live and what I love. At my core, I believe that boudoir photography allows me to express my deepest self and to reflect that back into the world. Seeing the transformation every woman goes through in her boudoir experience and how it changes the ways she sees herself is one of the biggest reasons I am so passionate about boudoir photography!

Meet Boudoir Photographer DaysyWhat Daysy Believes

Daysy believes that every woman is unique and has her own story to tell. Every woman is beautiful and worth celebrating. Finally, Daysy believes that every woman is on a journey. When that journey leads them to the boudoir studio, Daysy believes that every woman who steps into the studio already deserves to be confident, but some women need a reason to show up and claim it.

Sometimes, as women, we convince ourselves that we need a specific REASON to feel alive, to feel beautiful or to feel deserving. But you are already all of those things… and more. You are beautiful! You are amazing! You are you!

Life is too short to be lived in the corners. Daysy is a boudoir photographer because she believes that all bodies are beautiful and wonderful and worth celebrating. With these beliefs, Daysy feels great joy and fulfillment with each and every woman who steps in front of her camera lens.



Are you ready to book a session and let Daysy work her magic? Are you ready to love the woman you are inside and out? We would love to celebrate you and your unique journey at the boudoir studio. Want to chat?  We are here for you!

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