We are so excited to welcome hottie Susan to the elite Boudoir Bombshell Club! Susan isn’t new to glamour photoshoots–in fact, she had a “somewhat” boudoir-style photo session when she was in her twenties. Susan ran across those photos recently and laughed at her “big 80’s hair.” Another difference between her early experience and the photoshoot with Daysy? That first shoot was “definitely not as risque” as her shoot with Daysy. Ooh-lah-lah!

Susan confessed that she had been feeling down about her menopausal body and was looking for something she could do to feel excited about again. Another reason was as a gift to her husband. But the coolest reason, for Susan? “My mom, who passed away in a car accident in 1999, had done a boudoir shoot when she was about the same age as me.”   How awesome is that, to have side-by-side boudoir photos? Susan loves the similarity of her headshots and those of her mom.

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Let’s talk about the shoot. How was your experience?
At first, Susan was definitely nervous about being scantily clad in front of someone other than her husband! Daysy quickly put her at ease, however, and soon Susan forgot about being nervous and focused on the unexpectedly tough job of posing. “Poses are hard work!” Susan shared. “I was sore the rest of the evening!”
The shoot wasn’t all hard work, however. Susan had a great time working with props and different outfits. She loved that Daysy was open to using her witch’s hat and broomstick. Incorporating these items made the shoot more personal for Susan. She even posed in her husband’s football jersey from high school with his name on the back, along with his football. “He was really surprised!” Susan reported. “He didn’t know I took them to the shoot!”
Susan was surprised that one of her very favorite parts of the experience was the conversation she shared with Daysy and her stylist while getting ready for the shoot. “I made new friends that day for sure,” Susan said.
Now that the shoot is over, how are you feeling about yourself?
All of Susan’s bad feelings about her body and how it looked could never prepare her for the shock of seeing her boudoir photos for the first time. She understands all too well how easy it is to become self-conscious and critical of oneself. Susan and her husband were shocked at how incredibly the photos turned out. “Between my unrealistic ideas of how I looked and Daysy’s talent with posing, lighting, etc., I was amazed at my photos and I know my husband was too,” she said. “We would have liked to purchase many more shots than we did.”
Susan isn’t just sharing her amazing photos with her friends; she’s also giving them contact information so they can book their own sessions with Daysy!
THANK YOU for sharing your story, Susan! You rock, bombshell!

From Beauty to Bombshell – A Before and After Makeover!

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