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We are very excited to introduce you to our Boudoir Bombshell Melissa!

Meet Boudoir Bombshell Melissa!

Our gorgeous boudoir bombshell Melissa has been in the studio three times, and each time she’s even more beautiful than the time before! If Melissa ever had any second thoughts about booking a boudoir photoshoot, they are all a thing of the past. For her third boudoir session, Melissa chose a “pin-up” style and had so much fun! Let’s find out more about Melissa’s experience…

What was your main reason for booking a boudoir photoshoot?

Recently, Melissa booked her third photoshoot. Why? Well, to have fun with Daysy. She wanted to try a pin-up style photo session and enjoyed it tremendously! What’s a pin-up style? Pin-up refers to a type of photography where women are photographed in sensual clothing with playful attitudes. The photos are traditionally mass-produced and displayed–or “pinned”–on the wall.

Meet Boudoir Bombshelll Melissa!

What was your biggest fear before or during your boudoir shoot?

This photoshoot was Melissa’s third time, so she is a seasoned veteran. “Daysy always makes you feel comfortable and confident,” Melissa says. “She rocks!”

Melissa is not alone in her opinion. Many other boudoir bombshells share that any nervousness they had the morning of their photoshoot disappeared as soon as they started working with Daysy. Their boudoir photoshoot experiences were joyful, empowering, and also lots of fun!

What was your favorite part about the boudoir photoshoot experience?

Melissa thinks her boudoir photoshoot was fun and her pin-up photos turned out fabulous, “like always.” Melissa adds, “Daysy is a true professional!”


Are you ready to book a boudoir photoshoot for yourself?

We would love to welcome YOU as our next Boudoir Bombshell! Are you ready to be pampered, posed, photographed, and have the time of your life? We are only a text or phone call away! Drop us a line and let’s get started on your journey to becoming our next bombshell!

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