Hello, Beautiful! Meet Boudoir Bombshell Dawn! This stunner has been in front of the camera twice now, and she highly recommends that every woman have this uplifting and empowering experience at least once in her life. We agree!
Boudoir Bombshell Dawn maryland boudoir studio

Boudoir: The First Time

For Dawn, her first boudoir experience was a little scary in the beginning. Dawn wasn’t sure how to pose for the camera or what outfits were going to make her look her best. She wasn’t sure how her hair or makeup would look. Did she bring the right outfits? Was her nail polish flattering? Should she smile or what?
Despite her nervousness, Dawn eventually relaxed and started loving the experience. Dawn quickly discovered she had no reason to be scared.
maryland boudoir studio

The Second Boudoir Photoshoot

Dawn’s first boudoir session went so well, she decided she wanted to do another one. Why a second time? Dawn wanted to acknowledge that although women’s bodies might change over the years, women can still be sexy at any age and size.


What was Dawn’s biggest fear before or during her second  boudoir shoot? There weren’t any! Dawn knew that she was in good hands with Daysy. Daysy immediately put her at ease. Daysy showed Dawn how to pose, how to put together the most flattering outfits, and how to relax and have fun. Daysy’s professional makeup artist Natasha did a fantastic job on Dawn’s hair and makeup. Best of all, the photographs were incredible and Dawn loved every single one!

In fact, said Dawn, Daysy was the best part of the boudoir photoshoot experience. Daysy was “so uplifting and supportive throughout,” Dawn said. In addition, Dawn LOVED her pictures.


Are You Ready to Be a Boudoir Bombshell?

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