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Hello, beautiful! You are in for a real treat today–it’s Podcast Day! Our latest episode of the Bombshell Tells All features the gorgeous and resilient Lisa!

Bombshell Tells All: Strength can be sexy!

Strong From the Start

Baby of the family Lisa is one of four children born and raised in Connecticut and making her home in Virginia. The first of her family to graduate from college with a four-year degree, Lisa realized her strength early on. Lisa’s fortitude was further tested when she and her husband divorced. Lisa isn’t a quitter, so she stayed in a relationship that ended up hurting her. In fact, a big part of Lisa’s decision to treat herself to a boudoir photoshoot was to celebrate herself and reclaim her sexiness.

Over 40 and Fabulous Boudoir by Daysy

Who is Lisa Now?

While Lisa is still the strong, self-reliant woman she has always been, she now takes time for herself without guilt. Watching the Bachelor while sipping a dirty martini? Yes, please! An intelligent conversation with a new love interest? Yes to that too! Lisa knows the benefits of balancing frivolity and fun with hard work. It’s not an easy dance, but it’s so important to try! If you can do it with a generous spirit, all the better. One of Lisa’s favorite Bible verses reads: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)

Self-reliant Lisa also believes that if we expect nothing, we will never be disappointed!

Lisa: Strength Can Be Sexy!

Lisa’s Boudoir Photoshoot Takeaways

Bombshells love their photoshoot experience for a variety of reasons. For some women, the heightened sense of empowerment and confidence is their biggest takeaway. Others love the look of excitement and joy on their partner’s face upon seeing those beautiful photos for the first time. For Lisa, feeling both beautiful and frivolous with zero guilt was her favorite takeaway. Now Lisa knows that she can feel pretty at any age or weight or circumstance! No one can take away Lisa’s inner beauty.

Lisa: Strength Can Be Sexy!

Lisa reminds us that life is short, so don’t put off things you want to do for yourself. “Know your worth,” she says. Good advice, especially for women who can become spread too thin after doing so much for others. Now that Lisa has become a bombshell, what does that mean for her? “Being a bombshell is owning your sexy and feeling beautiful in your own skin!” says Lisa. We couldn’t agree more!

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