High heels for your boudoir session: Heels, heels, heels! Nothing completes a great outfit like a good pair of heels! Bring SKIN TONE and BLACK heels. The higher/skinnier the heel, the better. The right heel can actually lengthen and slim your legs! Here are some examples:

Bring a variety of heels, skin tone, black, and a fun color (think red, pink, or blue). TALL HEELS, GIRLS. TALL HEELS. The longer the heel, the longer your legs. The higher/skinnier the heels the better. Avoid ankle straps on your heels. You will see the bottom of your heels in some pictures, so if they are old/worn, you will be able to tell. Avoid flower patterns/patterns in general. We don’t want the focus to be your feet, we want the focus to be your legs.

Avoid open toes, in case you are wearing stockings or you are doing a Glamour set.

Wondering what a glamour set is? It is you and your beautiful gown dress!

Here are a few of my client’s favorite places to buy shoes: 


Yes Girl! Boots are super sexy, specially if they make you feel that way! Pick carefully though, you want to make sure they flatter your figure, and not make you look shorter. Bellow some of our bombshells selections for your inspiration:


Watch below one of our beautiful clients, Mrs. D! She is documenting her journey on a video blog series, and she made this special video for our VIP Facebook Group (feel free to join us – ladies only), as she was on the process of picking her own shoes!

I hope this was helpful! This article will be updated as we see the need to add more resources. Please make sure to reach out to us, in case you’ve got a great tip to help along the process.