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Hello, Beautiful! Today I want to tell you about a special “club” that would love to have you as a member. There are lots of benefits to being a member of this club, trust me.

Bombshell Hangout!

What is this amazing club I am talking about? It’s the Boudoir + Glamour Bombshells, of course! These bombshells have bonded over their shared experience and they love to hang out together! Even though they come from all walks of life, from all races, and are all different ages and sizes, these women have one very important thing in common–they love themselves and their bodies.

These amazing women have all come to realize that they are so much more than a body. They have all made GIANT leaps out of their comfort zones to become boudoir bombshells. They have seen their true inner and outer beauty and they will never go back to treating themselves like they have little worth. They know better.

What Goes on At A Bombshell Hangout?

Every year, the bombshells put on their bikinis and sunscreen and get together for a day of sunshine, swimming, dancing, laughing, eating, and sharing stories. The love and support the bombshells have for each other is amazing. There is so much sharing, encouragement, and affection the bombshells have for one another. To spend time in this environment is to feel renewed, recharged, and ready to tackle anything!

This year, our baby bombshell had a blast splashing in the pool! The rest of us ate, laughed, chatted, played with some chickens, danced, ate some more, and then headed to the studio for photobooth fun. After that, dessert! And then more laughing, chatting… and then to end the day, a gorgeous sunset. Perfection. We can’t wait to see you at the hangout next year!

Just Another Benefit of a Boudoir Photoshoot

We talk a lot about the incredible benefits of having a boudoir photoshoot. About the boost in self-confidence you’ll feel. We’ve told you about how empowering a photoshoot can be, and how you might be nervous beforehand but you will feel absolutely amazing afterwards. If you’ve been reading this blog and visiting us on our Facebook page, you know that at a boudoir photoshoot, you will be pampered and celebrated for the gorgeous bombshell you are.

Now, we are telling you about this one other benefit. The benefit of new friends! Women who have experienced the life-changing magic of a boudoir photoshoot, just like you. Women who will celebrate with you, support you, and understand your experience. Women who will share their stories and listen to yours.

What better way to keep that boudoir bombshell vibe going than to meet new friends who also have that vibe? I can’t think of any!

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