Hello, Bombshell! Do you feel like your body is wrong for boudoir? Do you look at photos of supermodels in bikinis and think that could never be you? Have you looked at the beautiful babes on this website and wondered if anyone could ever make you look that good?

It’s a legitimate question, one nearly every potential client asks. Everyone wants to know if she will look good in her boudoir photos.

And the answer?

The answer is Y E S.

No matter your weight, height, or your body type, I can guarantee that you will look amazing in your boudoir photos. And here’s why: my job as a photographer isn’t to hide your “flaws,” it’s to capture and celebrate YOU. In my opinion, every woman is beautiful and it’s just my job to highlight that beauty.

I’ve learned the rules about posing that help to flatter curves and pull the eye just where I want it to go.  And when I apply these rules, I can bring out the beauty in any woman who steps into my studio.  Guaranteed.

Carrie’s Story

Are you still unsure? Read what Carrie has to say about her experience:

What was your main reason for booking a boudoir shoot?

My husband’s 40th birthday is coming up, so I thought that a boudoir album would be a fantastic gift. I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot, so this felt like just the right occasion!

What was your biggest fear before or during your boudoir shoot?

As a plus-sized woman, I worried that my body would be “wrong” for boudoir and that I wouldn’t feel comfortable during the photoshoot. I was really nervous about feeling exposed in front of the camera.

How did the shoot turn out?

I had a blast doing my photoshoot! The photographer was so fun to work with! Both the photographer and the hair and makeup artist were my hype women from the moment I stepped into the studio. That helped me feel much more comfortable with the process. The photographer really knows how to work with women of all body types and make them look and feel awesome regardless of size. I think my favorite moments were the ones when we found something to laugh about together; it was just such a great, empowering environment to be in! I’m absolutely obsessed with how the photos turned out. 

How have you enjoyed your photos since the shoot?

I couldn’t wait until his actual birthday to show my husband the photos, so I showed him the photo album as soon as it came in and he loved it. He was so surprised.  He had no idea that I booked a shoot and he really loves the album. I’ve also shown the photos to some close friends because I love the pictures so much and want to show them off! I wasn’t originally planning to share the photos with anyone, but I loved them so much, how could I not?

How are you feeling about your boudoir photoshoot now? Are you excited to get started on your journey in front of the camera for an experience you’ll never ever forget? Give us a shout and we will arrange the rest!

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