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Hello, Queen! I think I can read your mind. I’m sorry if that sounds a little creepy, but I think I can. Tell me if I’m on the right track–have you been thinking about any of these things recently?

I’ve been thinking about doing a boudoir photoshoot…

It sounds kind of fun…


Maybe I should get in better shape first? Do women like me even have boudoir photoshoots?

What if my sexy photos get posted online? What if I don’t like my photos? What if I can’t pose the right way? What if my outfits are all wrong? 

Is this just too far outside my little comfort zone?

How did I do? Have you been thinking any of those things? Have I read your mind?

I can read your mind | Boudoir by Daysy

It’s Not Magic… Or is it?

Let me tell you something, my lovely. That part is not magic. The reason that I know exactly what you’re thinking is that every woman who steps in front of my camera tells me these same things. 

They say that they were nervous before they booked. That they had a lot of questions about exactly what goes on at a
boudoir photoshoot. They say that they weren’t sure how the photos were going to turn out, and that
they didn’t know if they were the right size or age or shape to do a boudoir photoshoot.

Here’s the magic part.

Not only can I read your mind, but I can also see into the future.
And do you know what I see in your future?
I see you coming into my studio for a boudoir photoshoot.
And then I hear you saying this after your shoot:

I feel like a new person!
I have never felt so confident in my life!
This photoshoot was such a blast!
I can’t wait to show my photos to all my friends!
I feel empowered in a way that I never have before!

How can I be so confident that you will say this in the future? Because I’ve been shooting boudoir photos for a long time and I hear it over and over again, from women just like you. Women who decide that it’s time. Time to put away fears and questions and just do it!

I can read your mind

Let’s get on the phone and go over everything, okay?  I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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