Anita: From Scrubs to Supermodel! - Ep 11, Bombshell Tells All Podcast + Magazine

Anita: From Scrubs to Supermodel! – Ep 11, Bombshell Tells All Podcast + Magazine

Hello Bombshell, good news today! The “Bombshell Tells All” podcast + magazine is back for the third season! We are kicking off the new season with the gorgeous Anita!

If you are new to this site, you might not know that extraordinary photographer Daysy created a podcast after hearing so many heartfelt and honest stories from women who came to the studio to take the giant leap out of their comfort zones. All of our bombshells were looking to see themselves as the beautiful, confident, and strong women they are. The women who came to the studio not knowing what the experience would feel like but wanted to do it anyway. And finally, the women whose lives changed forever because they were courageous enough to take this step.

Anita’s Story

Season 3 of our podcast, Bombshell Tells All, is starting off hot with our gorgeous bombshell Anita! Anita hails from Florida and works as a surgical technician. This kind and funny 40-year old might come across as an extroverted social butterfly, but Anita actually thinks of herself as a homebody who loves spending time with her furbabies, do-it-yourself projects, and the occasional glass of wine.

So, what was so attractive about doing a boudoir photoshoot? For one, Anita spends her working life in drab scrubs. She was ready for a glamorous and sexy change. Another reason was Anita’s love of trying new things. This courageous lady drove from Florida to Maryland alone for a travel assignment, leaving her home, friends, and family. She hates snow!!! Luckily, there is little of that frozen stuff in Florida!

Anita loved her boudoir photoshoot experience.

“Bombshell means to me explosion of sexiness in one shell of a person,” she says. We love that! Anita also loves the newfound confidence she has in herself. Does this bombshell have any advice for the bombshells coming along after her? “Take the risks you want in life. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel unworthy of being who you are,” Anita says. “Start living and experience life. Don’t tie yourself to a pole that isn’t going anywhere.”

Anita’s mindset is a beautiful one. Very little keeps her up at night. Life is too short to worry about every little thing. Anita prays and leaves her worries with God. She says that God will not take you where grace and mercy won’t keep you. Wise words from this beautiful soul!

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Why a Podcast?

A podcast is the perfect vehicle to showcase the raw, real-life stories and the reasons that led these women to reach out to do a boudoir and glamour photoshoot. Daysy created this podcast series to give her bombshells a place to share their beautiful stories and inspire other women. After hearing from so many women and being inspired and amazed by them, Daysy knew it was time to give back and let others also benefit from such powerful stories. When a woman decides to take the step to do a session, it goes way beyond seeing these gorgeous images of herself. It becomes part of the process of relearning self love, taking back control, and empowering herself and others around her. Every woman is a bombshell, trust me!

Your Story?

What will your story be, when YOU are the guest bombshell in the podcaster’s seat? Will you talk about how much more courageous and confident you felt after your photoshoot? Will you spill about what you wore and why? How will you feel about inspiring other women to take the leap for themselves? There is one way to find out!

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