Empowering Women Through Boudoir Photography: The ValorLives Interview

Hello, Beautiful! What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than with an interview with our very own boudoir photographer, Daysy Teixeira? Daysy recently was interviewed by Jamaal Rashad with ValorLives, following her win as Best of the Best Photographer by the Frederick News-Post.

Daysy: All About Empowerment!

Daysy Teixeira is a Frederick, Maryland local boudoir photographer. Since 2015, Daysy’s mission has been to empower women through the art of boudoir photography. Daysy has photographed hundreds of women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life, and her work has been positively shaping and creating awareness of self-love and acceptance within the female community.

How does having a boudoir photoshoot create a sense of empowerment? What is boudoir anyway? Daysy describes boudoir photography as a kind of Victoria’s Secret-type photoshoot for the everyday woman. Daysy explains that her bombshells feel so much self-confidence after their photoshoot, it leads to an increase in empowerment too! Women who come to the studio for a photoshoot might arrive feeling nervous and unsure, but by the end of the shoot they are bona fide bombshells!

Although Daysy has known for a long time that she wanted to be a photographer, she discovered her love of boudoir photography in 2015. Daysy was so enamored of this type of photography, she opened an at-home boudoir studio and has devoted herself to it exclusively. With one wall of her studio nearly filled with snaps of boudoir bombshells, it’s clear that Daysy has created a whole lot of empowerment among women coming to her studio.

There is a happy by-product of all that empowerment and self-confidence. It’s generosity! Daysy’s bombshells are such a kind and generous group. Perhaps it’s that newfound confidence in themselves and their worth. Maybe it’s the sheer joy that happens when women see their boudoir images for the first time. Maybe it’s the increased sense of worth that helps them believe they have something to contribute to others. Whatever the reason, Daysy’s clients have, for the past three years, been incredibly generous in helping a local organization that provides support for  women facing homelessness or getting themselves out of situations of domestic violence.

All About Jamaal!

Jamaal Rashad moved east from Texas to Maryland when he was a toddler, and he’s been here ever since. In fact, Jamaal’s mom lives on the other side of town. Jamaal hosts the ValorLives interview series on YouTube. For this program, Jamaal interviews local business owners in Frederick County, Maryland, who are having a huge impact on their community. You can check out Jamaal’s channel here.

When Jamaal isn’t busy interviewing Frederick’s local movers and shakers, he can be found at the gym, riding his bike at breakneck speed on a fast road, or working on his impressive collection of jigsaw puzzles. Jamaal also can be reached on Facebook and Instagram.

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