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Hello, Lovely! Like it or not, social media has become a huge part of our daily lives. Even if you personally never log on to Facebook or watch TikTok videos, our society and the people around us are all affected by social media. This phenomenon can be both a blessing and a curse.

Do You Need a Social Media Detox?

On the one hand, social media allows us to stay connected with loved ones, learn new things, and expand our horizons. In fact, we at the studio use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to spread body positivity messages.

On the other hand, social media can cause us to doubt ourselves, play small and hide our talents, and compare ourselves unnecessarily to others. There are thousands of social media sites devoted to convincing us that we are not pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough. On a daily basis, it sometimes feels like we are being bombarded by “reminders” that we are somehow less than.

Is it Time for a Social Media Detox?

Let’s answer the following questions to determine if  social media might be making you feel bad about yourself, particularly about your body:

  • Does social media help you to feel MORE or LESS empowered?
  • Do you feel less motivated after scrolling through Facebook?
  • Do you feel like you are less worthy than other people because of photos you see on Instagram?

Take a look at the social media accounts that you follow and be honest with yourself: How do they make you feel?  Do you feel jealous? Angry? Sad? Deflated?

If so, you might benefit from a social media detox!

Here’s an experiment: Unfollow a few of those accounts. My guess is that you won’t miss them at all.  You might even start to feel a lightness and a clarity that comes from not seeing that kind of material.

I want you to feel empowered every single day.  I want you to know your greatness and share it with others. That’s a gargantuan task when you’re being exposed to negativity and self-loathing every time you log on.

Let’s Do This Together!

Celebrating your amazing beauty with a boudoir photoshoot is one of the most amazing ways to counteract all that negativity on social media. We are here to pamper you and show you what a truly gorgeous goddess you are, right this minute. It’s a MUCH healthier way to spend your time than getting torn down on X.

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