What do you do when you have a full-time job with a busy career and then the economy plummets and your commissions disappear? If you’re tenacious and creative like Danielle, you decide to become a Registered Nurse, which means going to school full-time, working full-time, and continuing to take care of herself and now, of her family that includes a husband and three stepchildren, two of them with special needs. This fiery beauty learned how strong and capable she was by exceeding even her own expectations of what she could accomplish.


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Danielle was born in Washington D.C. but has lived her life in Maryland. In addition to her significant other and stepkids and furry babies. In her spare time–if there is any–Danielle enjoys binge-watching Netflix, raw cookie dough, and sweet tea.

So, how did this bombshell discover boudoir photography? Danielle shares that she has a bucket list, and that a photo session has been on that list for the past 10 years. “I did it for myself and as a surprise gift for my boyfriend” Danielle says. Lucky boyfriend!!!! Danielle enjoyed the entire session,  but her favorite part was shopping for clothes and having so many outfit changes. She confides that she feels sexiest in heels and a great pushup bra.


Now that she’s a Bombshell, Danielle celebrates her courage in capturing her inner beauty and confidence and urges other women to do the same. “Many women, especially plus size women, have very low self-confidence,” Danielle says. “I have always strived to be confident. It is the best attractive quality you can have. Confidence never sags, wrinkles, or gets old. The pictures are a validation of that confidence and physical proof for others to see.


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