Imagine Loving Your Body Right Now | Boudoir Photography in Maryland

Hello, lovelies! I want you to imagine loving your body right now. This minute. If you’re like many women, you might feel dissatisfied with--even ashamed of--your body. Some women even say they hate the way they look. Some women think they can't be beautiful at their size. But what if you could start loving your body right NOW,  just as it is?  I want you to picture what that would be like. Imagine feeling love and acceptance toward your body, even celebrating it. Imagine not hating your body or shaming it. No more criticizing your looks. Imagine turning off that negative soundtrack in your head. Right now. Because here’s the thing: You could lose weight, tone up, hit your goal dress size … and STILL hate your body.  You might be saying, “No way! If I were a size 2, I would definitely NOT hate my body! I would love my body! I would worship my body at a size 2.” The truth is, if you don't accept and love your body right now, you likely won't be happy at any size. It is 100% possible to lose weight and still only see flaws when you look at your body. If [...]