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Hello, Beautiful! Are you still hesitating about booking a boudoir photoshoot? I bet it’s because of boudoir photoshoot myths. I’m here to debunk those myths for you right now, so you can stop hesitating and book that photoshoot for yourself!

Top Boudoir Photoshoot Myths

I have to be naked.

Nope! You do not have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. This includes deciding what to wear or not to wear. Yes, you can opt for a nude boudoir, but plenty of women stay clothed. Boudoir is never about being uncomfortable.


boudoir myths debunked

I need to lose weight first.

What? Why? Boudoir is all about capturing your amazing beauty, right now, just as you are. The best part? Seeing your gorgeous photos, photos of the real you, and realizing how absolutely stunning and sexy you are. This is the magic of boudoir photography. You get visual proof that you are a bombshell, and the number on the scale means nothing.

boudoir myths debunked

I’m too old.

Noooooooo, you are not too old. You are not “too” anything for an incredible boudoir photoshoot. As women, our lives are in a state of constant transition. The experiences you’ve had over the years have shaped you into the amazing woman you are today. It’s time to celebrate that! One of the best reasons to do a boudoir photoshoot is to rediscover and celebrate your sexiness and confidence. Don’t believe me? Schedule a boudoir photoshoot and I will show you the proof.


Other people will disapprove.

Who is this boudoir photoshoot for? Your uptight Uncle Fred? Your judgmental grandmother? The cashier at the grocery store?  No. This boudoir photoshoot is for Y.O.U. You. It’s all about you, and how you feel when you see how beautiful you really are. No one else matters, not really. It can be very liberating to let go of caring what other people think. Of course, it’s also important to keep in that no one gets to see your photos unless you agree to it.

I’m not photogenic.

Where did you get this idea? From looking at pictures of yourself? Chances are, these pictures were taken at social events by family members and/or friends. Are these people professional photographers in situations where the light was perfect and you were expertly posed? Of course not, so no wonder you might be thinking you don’t photograph well. The truth is, in the hands of a talented and experienced professional photographer (Daysy, for example), you will be amazed at how photogenic you really are.

I have to wear expensive, skimpy lingerie.

Again, nope. You don’t have to wear lingerie at all! Your boudoir photoshoot is all about you and wearing what you love. If bra and panty sets aren’t your thing, throw them to the wind! There are plenty of fun and super sexy no-lingerie options, such as lacy dresses, white sheets only, sports jerseys, or a button-down men’s dress shirt.

If you do want to wear lingerie, that’s great! It does not have to be expensive. Affordable lingerie looks great on camera. Don’t be afraid to look for more budget-friendly lingerie. There are a lot of good deals out there and we will help you during that process!


I don’t have anyone to give the photos to.

While boudoir photos make a great gift, these sessions aren’t exclusively for the benefit of others. Boudoir photography is all about celebrating you. If you want to share this celebration of self with someone else, great! But your boudoir photoshoot is mostly for YOU!

Let’s Do This!

Now that we’ve debunked the biggest myths surrounding boudoir photoshoots, are you feeling ready to book your session? Would you like to hop on a phone chat with our Boudoir Photography Studio to discuss what to expect? Contact us soon!


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