At some point in every woman’s life she thinks to herself that she’s not perfect, not desirable, not beautiful. She’ll brush it off, tell herself to forget it, but the truth for many of us is that those negative thoughts and feelings often grow and flourish against all reason. When I discovered that I could use my art to help empower my fellow women it became a passion and a goal in my life to reach out in this way to as many as possible. Little did I know that these lovely ladies would have inspiring stories of their own to share with me. Stories that seem so much bigger than themselves, and encourage me in my mission.

It has been a gift to me that these women have confided such a precious piece of themselves with me. It makes each session I shoot unique and meaningful in a way that’s impossible to put into words. I created the “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” series to share some of these stories with the world for all to see and know we are in this together. We are all beautiful just as we are!

In this post I want to feature Mrs. G. Here is her story in her very own words.

Mrs. G, behind the scenes. Take a tour in the studio with this bombshell and our very own Boudoir Photographer!

Have you ever done a Boudoir/Glamour Photoshoot before?

Mrs. G: No, it was the first time.

Why did you do your boudoir shoot?

Mrs. G: This is something I have always wanted to do.

What was your favorite part of the session?

Mrs. G: Everything 🙂

boudoir photographer frederick maryland, lady wearing magenta lingerie

What did doing this shoot do for your Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, and Self-Image? Tell me your story.

Mrs. G: Well… I’m a confident women and I love myself the way I am. However, like most of us (I think) , I see “issues” or parts of my body that I’d like to change like being a little more fit, loose some fat around my waist, have a smaller nose… Now, post boudoir , let me tell you something. I am perfect the way I am. My nose, my mouth, my eyes… my whole face is beautiful! I am gorgeous just the way I am. After looking at my photos I realized how hard I can be on myself for no reason. I am more confident and I got an extra effort boost too, and I’m proud of it!!!

Was your experience what you were expecting? If not, how was it different?

Mrs. G: Yes. It was exactly what I expected.

Would you recommend us to a friend?

Mrs. G: I’ve added them to the VIP group too.

What was the best part of your experience? Would you change anything?

I would have liked to have more poses on my red dress 🙂 (a great tip for our next session then! Awesome! ~ Daysy)


Mrs. G Testimonial:

I had the time of my life this past August with Daysy as my boudoir session photographer. I’ve know her for several years from my friend’s wedding and started following her work and met with her in several occasions. Her personality is contagious and her work is amazing. I had always wanted to do a boudoir session but didn’t really click with any photographer who would make me feel comfortable enough to go ahead and do it, so when I found out Daysy was doing it I was static about it! The whole process is amazing. From the day you commit to invest on yourself, and on something that will make you happy till the day you go back to the studio to choose your photos, and beyond, really…It’s exciting to prepare for the session and choose your outfits. It makes your imagination wonder “how will I look like in these”… You think about (and care for) your hair, nails, make up and the glamour… oh the glamour of it all… so you start pampering yourself even before your shooting day. At least I did, and I enjoyed it very much. The results are long lasting. Believe me! Boudoir is not just a lingerie photo shoot, it is about bringing the best in you FOR YOU in an unforgettable way that will leave you with beautiful memories, and will change the way you see, treat and love yourself. Even the way I look at myself in the mirror is different now. I am more tender with myself, with my traits and my flaws. I even love my flaws now – the ones I didn’t before. Daysy made me fell so comfortable that I enjoyed every second of it. She guided me on my poses, my movements, and even about how my hair was sitting in place just to make sure I would get the best pictures! She is very dedicated to her profession and it shows. She loves what she does and she is fantastic. I also loved my album and how well made it is. It will for sure last forever! I don’t have enough words to describe how great this is. I’ll be doing it again when I’m 50, 60, 70… for as long as Daysy is around and I’m in good health 🙂


Photography + Video: Boudoir By Daysy

Makeup and Hair Artist: Makeup by Tasia