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The New Studio: Fab or Flop? | Boudoir by Daysy

Hello, lovely! Well, it has been some three months since our major studio renovation was finished. Since our ribbon-cutting ceremony, we've had over two dozen bombshells come to have their photoshoots in our new studio. So, have they enjoyed their experience? In addition, what does our photographer Daysy think of the new space? Is it fabulous... or is it a flop? Let's talk to our photographer and her bombshells and find out! The studio's new bedroom Size Matters! For boudoir photographer Daysy, size definitely matters, and she wanted to make sure that her renovated studio would provide much more usable space. Anyone who visited the studio pre-renovation will know that Daysy had to be  very imaginative in creating the image of a spacious studio with lots of different sets. Each photoshoot was an amazingly gorgeous experience, even though the space outside camera range was pretty small! Daysy's favorite part of the renovation? Not surprisingly, it's all that extra space! The new studio has a beautiful new bedroom, complete with a gorgeous full bathroom. In fact, the luxurious new shower is a favorite set of many of our bombshells now. Speaking of our bombshells, how is the renovated studio [...]

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Meet Your Inner Bombshell | Boudoir by Daysy

Hello, gorgeous! Today, let's chat about bombshells. Have you ever seen a bombshell? Those beautiful women who just seem to radiate confidence and strength? Who light up every room they walk into? I bet you have. Did you know that there's a lovely and empowered woman -- a bombshell -- close to you right this minute? Chances are, you've never seen this particular bombshell, but you can change that. She is Closer Than You Think In fact, she is inside YOU. Right this minute. Maybe you haven't noticed her in a long time. Maybe you've never met her before! But she is there, absolutely. Why is it so important to discover that gorgeous woman inside? First off, that bombshell has lots of self-confidence. She knows her worth and she knows that her value isn't lessened by other people or circumstances. That inner bombshell sees her beauty, both inside as well as outside. Whether she is all glammed up in her finest gown with her hair and makeup perfect, or lounging in the backyard in shorts and a t-shirt, the bombshell knows she is a beautiful woman. Finally, the inner bombshell empowers other women, because she herself is so empowered. She [...]

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When Only the Best Will Do | Boudoir + Glamour by Daysy

Hello, Beautiful! Today I want to chat about what to look for when choosing a stylist, or buying a car, or shopping for jewelry... or any other purchase. What do we want for our money? We want the BEST. Choosing a boudoir photography studio is no exception. Only the best will do. Ask the Experts! Here at Boudoir + Glamour by Daysy, most (but not all) of the women who come to see us have never had a boudoir photoshoot before; and some ladies have no idea what to expect when they arrive and sit down in the makeup chair. So, how do you know if you are picking the best boudoir photographer in your area? Simple! You ask the experts. These are the women who have done their "homework," who have visited studio websites, read articles, attended expos, or have looked at customer reviews. There is an even easier way, however. You can pick up your local newspaper or community magazine and check out roundups of the very best goods and services in your area. In Frederick, Maryland, the easiest and best way to find these best-quality businesses is to pick up the Frederick News-Post and take a look [...]

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Tracy, Our Bombshell Covergirl! | Boudoir + Glamour by Daysy

Hello, Gorgeous! Today we are very excited to announce that our own beautiful bombshell Tracy Z. is gracing the cover of April's Maxi Boudoir magazine, Billboard Edition! Tracy's Journey to the Cover of Maxi Boudoir Tracy doesn't consider herself to be a model, even though she is Maxi Boudoir's covergirl. This bombshell dreamed of a career as a model when she was a teenager, but her parents were financially unable to help her chase that dream. Tracy struggled with poor self-image for many years, but she is happy to say that she is finally feeling confident about herself! Our Tracy is so much more than a pretty face, however. This woman is a warrior! Tracy is a five-year breast cancer survivor who fought hard for her life and won! She has raised three amazing sons and works in an assisted living facility's dementia/Alzheimer's unit. Helping people and making them happy makes Tracy happy! "I love my job and I feel that I have found my purpose," Tracy says. Even so, this compassionate bombshell is considering returning to school to study nursing. Are You Next? How would YOU like to be a boudoir magazine cover girl? Tracy has confidence in you! [...]

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Amanda: Love Yourself Just as You Are! – Ep 13, Bombshell Tells All Podcast + Calendar

Hello, Lovely! Today we are celebrating another beautiful bombshell who has stopped by the studio for the latest episode of our Bombshell Tells All podcast! Say hello to the gorgeous Amanda! Amanda's Story Amanda was born in New York, raised in Maryland, and currently calls West Virginia home. Amanda is married and has three amazing sons. But life hasn't always been so rosy for Amanda. In the past, she struggled with body image issues and low self-esteem. She was in a bad relationship and her career wasn't going where she wanted. A pivotal point in Amanda's life came when she found her current job. "I met new people and found a job I loved," Amanda explains. "I realized I deserved better than a current personal situation I was in." As a result of this pivotal moment, Amanda found the courage to leave her bad relationship. She started to thrive and advance in her career, and that brought her increased confidence. Amanda decided that going forward, she would only allow people in her life who brought her joy! Between her newfound happy home life and work life, Amanda learned to love herself just the way she was. Today, Amanda lives by [...]

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Welcome to Our New Studio!! | Boudoir + Glamour by Daysy

Hello gorgeous! If you have been following us here or on our VIP Facebook group, the Bombshell Lounge, you already know that in March, we began an ambitious and complete renovation of our studio space. This project was particularly ambitious because the studio is part of Daysy's home. Not Just Another Photography Studio Boudoir photography studios are not like other photography studios. A boudoir studio needs to be elegant, sensual, and comfortable. The studio needs to include an area exclusively for hair and makeup, a changing area, and overall must create a beautiful environment for our bombshells. In planning the renovation, photographer Daysy and her team considered all this, plus came up with some exciting new boudoir sets. Bombshells coming to the new studio will truly love all the luxurious choices they will have! There are so many new settings for your photoshoot, including: a gorgeous bedroom with a big beautiful bed; a classy and modern bathroom, with a gorgeous new shower, perfect for a sexy shower set; and lovely new furniture, including a beautiful egg chair! The possibilities are delightfully endless! Worth the Wait? The renovation took six weeks before the studio was ready for its next bombshell. We [...]

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Supermodel Sabrina: Be Your Own Number One!

Hello, beautiful! Today we are happy to welcome another one of our gorgeous bombshells to the mic for an episode of our podcast, Bombshell Tells All. Let's say hello to the lovely and centered Sabrina! Sabrina's Story Sabrina is that rare Washington, D.C. native who still calls this area home. In fact, her daughters attend the same elementary school that Sabrina attended! She lives here with her husband and daughters and works as a librarian. You can forget that cliche about librarians being quiet and mousey, though. Sabrina is anything but! This caring, intelligent, and funny lady understands that the best things in life require hard work; at the same time, she understands the importance of taking quiet moments just for herself. In fact, one of her favorite things is enjoying some solitude in the backyard hammock! Even so, Sabrina also loves getting all dolled up for a night on the town. What brought Sabrina to the boudoir photography studio? "I was having some self-esteem issues and I wanted to do something for myself as a personal boost," says Sabrina. Her favorite part was feeling like a model and forgetting to be self-conscious about her so-called "problem areas." Just one [...]

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Unsure About a Boudoir Photoshoot? Ask the Experts! | Boudoir by Daysy

Hello, Gorgeous! So, you want to book a boudoir photoshoot, but you're unsure. Yes, you've seen the photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages and they are amazing! But you've never done something like this, and you wish you could talk to some ladies who've had the experience and aren't trying to sell you something. You need to ask the experts about this experience. You need to talk to our bombshells! What to Expect at a Boudoir Photoshoot For many women, the unknown is a scary place. If you've never had a boudoir photoshoot (and many of us never have), it's nerve-wracking to think about how to get those gorgeous photos. Skimpy outfits? Posing with a stranger? Wondering how it will all turn out? It can be super stressful! To help put your mind at ease, read below for some helpful comments from some of our recent bombshells about their experiences in the boudoir studio: Ms. AV says that from the moment she parked her car, Daysy made her feel so welcomed and comfortable. "This is the first time I ever did a photoshoot like this," Ms. A says. "I loved every moment of it. So, if you're looking for [...]

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Celebrating Women All Year Long | Boudoir by Daysy

Hello, Beautiful! Happy Women's History Month! What a perfect time to honor the amazing contributions made by women. What a perfect time to honor the amazing woman you are! According to the National Women's History Museum, Women's History Month was once only a week-long event. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued a proclamation declaring the week of March 8, 1980 as Women's History Week. Then, in 1987, Congress passed Public Law 100-9, designating March as “Women’s History Month.” To highlight all the amazing achievements of women in this country would turn this into the longest blog post of all time. Here are just a tiny number of impressive achievements by women throughout history: Dr. Annie Webb Blanton (1870-1945) had lost her twin sister and both of her parents by the time she was just 18 years old. She went on to become the first woman elected President of the Texas State Teachers' Association, and then the first woman elected to a public office in Texas. Blanton promoted equality for women teachers and established a system of free textbooks. Mary Kate Callahan (1996- ) became a paraplegic as an infant after a virus attacked her spinal cord. She took up swimming [...]

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Empowering Women Through Boudoir Photography: The ValorLives Interview

Hello, Beautiful! What better way to celebrate Women's History Month than with an interview with our very own boudoir photographer, Daysy Teixeira? Daysy recently was interviewed by Jamaal Rashad with ValorLives, following her win as Best of the Best Photographer by the Frederick News-Post. Daysy: All About Empowerment! Daysy Teixeira is a Frederick, Maryland local boudoir photographer. Since 2015, Daysy's mission has been to empower women through the art of boudoir photography. Daysy has photographed hundreds of women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life, and her work has been positively shaping and creating awareness of self-love and acceptance within the female community. How does having a boudoir photoshoot create a sense of empowerment? What is boudoir anyway? Daysy describes boudoir photography as a kind of Victoria's Secret-type photoshoot for the everyday woman. Daysy explains that her bombshells feel so much self-confidence after their photoshoot, it leads to an increase in empowerment too! Women who come to the studio for a photoshoot might arrive feeling nervous and unsure, but by the end of the shoot they are bona fide bombshells! Although Daysy has known for a long time that she wanted to be a photographer, she [...]

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